Aldi Versus Target for Everyday Essentials


We can all agree that the rising cost of household items is affecting everyone. I personally have watched my beloved Safeway pizza dough go from 99 cents to $1.50 to $2.49 in just under a year. Jan tells me that the paint company she uses for both her residence and businesses is increasing its costs exponentially at the end of this month. Friends, it appears that inflation is here to stay for now. Therefore, we are going to take a deeper look at how to cut costs. To start, let’s analyze Aldi versus Target for everyday essentials.

So, how can we as shoppers learn to offset these rising prices? The number one thing we can do is drop the stigma of shopping at lower-priced stores. I used to think that Aldi was the worst and had zero interest in their off-brand products. I will stick to my beloved Target, thank you very much. All that changed about a year ago when I was forced to leave my full-time job due to a chronic health issue. All of the sudden, our budget decreased significantly and I decided to make it my new full-time job to cut costs for my family.

Honestly, I still can’t believe the savings. The other day, I sent my partner to pick up a loaf of bread and a bottle of BBQ sauce from Aldi. When I pulled the receipt out of the bag and saw $1.40, I truly did a double-take. And just for fun, we looked at the bottle of BBQ left in my fridge, and it was exactly the same, ingredient for ingredient.

Back to the task at hand. I am going to show you a receipt comparison of Aldi versus Target for everyday essentials.

Target Total: $29.07

  • Gallon of Skim Milk-$2.49
  • white bread-$1.19
  • string cheese-$2.50
  • 8 oz shredded cheddar-$1.99
  • turkey breast-$5.59
  • deli dulxe sandwich cheese-$6.49
  • eggs-$1.89
  • vanilla yogurt cup-$0.65
  • protein yogurt-$3.69
  • nonstick spray-$2.59

Aldi Total: $19.64

  • gallon of Skim Milk-$2.38
  • white bread-$0.55
  • string cheese-$2.19
  • 8 oz shredded cheddar-$1.79
  • turkey breast-$4.45
  • deli deluxe sandwich cheese-$2.59
  • eggs-$0.92
  • vanilla yogurt cup-$0.39
  • protein yogurt-$2.49
  • nonstick spray-$1.89

The numbers just don’t lie. Aldi is a cost-effective place to shop. A few notes before I go. One, I do not shop exclusively at Aldi. There are some things that I pick up at Target or local grocery stores. Two, some of the items at Aldi are not our favorite. But, I think that is something that will be trial and error for each individual family. Three, I did not include produce here but getting their large bags of $0.86 spinach is a favorite. And lastly, my family does not eat 100% organic, but if we did, I know that Aldi would still beat out any other store.

So there you have it. Aldi versus Target for everyday essentials. I hope this post was insightful and inspiring to you if you are trying to trim that grocery budget. Join us next week where I list all of my FAVORITE Aldi finds.

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