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Favorite Aldi Finds

Photo of vegetables on a placemat


Today we are going to talk about some of my favorite Aldi finds. Since cutting our income several years ago, I have been searching for ways to be a little more frugal. Looking closely at our food costs has been a great way to lower our budget.

One of my FAVORITE new places to shop is Aldi, and I have spent the last year figuring out our favorite Aldi finds. Below I have categorized my favorite Aldi finds based on their location in the store. Here is a link to their weekly specials.


Aldi has just the BEST prices on produce. Below is a sample of what I like to buy

  • bananas-sometimes they are pretty green, but they ripen quickly
  • apples-Honeycrisp for the win
  • berries-unbeatable prices
  • spinach-a huge bag for less than $1
  • shreds-these are great for taco night
  • potatoes-I buy the large bag of Russet and it lasts me a month
  • carrots-great for snacks and soups
  • celery-I chop this up and freeze it in small bags for soups and stews


Everything is prepackaged but they have the yummiest baked goods.

  • breads-white, wheat, grain, gluten free, potato-you name it
  • specialty bread-cinnamon, pumpkin, blueberry…drool worthy
  • desserts-all delicious
  • bagels, rolls, flat bread, etc


Dairy is by far my favorite part about Aldi. The prices and taste make this frugal momma happy.

  • milk, almond milk, creamer-they have basic and seasonal flavors
  • eggs-not dairy but in the same aisle
  • cheese-Charcuterie, block cheese, shredded cheese, sandwich cheese, seasonal cheese-this is truly a cheese lover’s dream
  • yogurts-greek, regular, light, fat free-sometimes the flavors are picked over but the price is amazing
  • butter-BUY BUTTER HERE.


Honestly, this list could be extensive so I will highlight some of my weekly purchases.

  • taco seasonings, ranch packets-way cheaper than the grocery store
  • tortillas and taco shells
  • pasta sauce and noodles
  • canned soups-they have a great variety
  • beans-this is an item I stock up on often
  • canned fruit and vegetables


  • flours and sugars-even specialty types
  • nonstick spray-WAY less expensive than the grocery store
  • spices-limited, but they have the basics
  • chocolate chips and melting chocolate-great for baking

 My actual haul from last week…

So these are some of my favorite Aldi finds. This list is not exhaustive but captures some of the items that my family uses every week. What about you? Do you have any favorite Aldi finds that are not on the list?