A Message About Parenting Transgender Kids

I’d like to invite you to listen to a message about parenting transgender kids. You should already know that my transgender daughter is one of the lights of my world. She has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. My world is brighter because now I know the importance of active allyship. Of what it means to be a true affirming parent. As we are bombarded with legislation that is terrifying to the transgender community, I am reminded that it is more important than ever to use my platform to elevate the voices of this beautiful community.

A few weeks ago I was invited by The Phluid Project to talk about my journey as a parent of a transgender child. Today that interview happened! My dear friend, Cyrus is a trainer for Phluid and the founder of Other Is A Myth. In addition to being an activist and educator, he also happens to be a very dear friend. He actively supports me through my journey of affirmation as a proud parent.

This week instead of reading, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and listen to my lived experience as we share a message about parenting transgender kids. In my world unconditional love is paramount and all are welcome.




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