Frugal Activities for Over Spring Break

The days are getting longer. The weather is getting warmer. Spring has arrived. Consequently, this means that kids will be spending time at home and we will need to plan for things to keep them busy without breaking the budget. Today, we are going to talk about frugal activities for over spring break.

Those of us with kids know that we tend to spend more money when our kids are home and out of their routine. Whether it’s food or extra activities, it all starts to add up. So, if you are staying home over spring break this year, here are some ways to help keep your budget on track.

  • Ice Cream Night. Planning an ice cream night is an inexpensive way to add a little fun to your evenings. Grab your ice cream and some toppings at Aldi and for under $10, you have supplies for two or three ice cream nights.
  • Movie Night. You can buy individual boxes of candy at the Dollar Store so each family member can get what they like. Pop some popcorn and then snuggle in for a movie night.
  • Visit a local park. My kids are older so we don’t do playgrounds, but we do love to hike. Take some time to get outdoors and move your body. Typically, it puts everyone in a good mood.
  • Look at the stars. Wait for a clear night and go out on your patio or deck to gaze at the stars. There are free apps you can get that will help you understand what you are looking at.
  • Visit the library. If you are already a member, visit the library and check out some books. Maybe try a book that teaches you something like how to draw or try a new recipe. If you aren’t a member, what are you waiting for? The library is a treasure trove of free entertainment.

So, here are some frugal activities for over spring break. In the end, our families will be happy just to spend some time with us. Be sure to put down your phones and look at their faces. Your heart and mind will be so happy that you did.

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