Mental Health Awareness Month

In honor of mental health awareness month, we are going to dive deep into ways we can seek support when therapy is not an affordable option.

Mental health awareness is something that is very important to Jan and me. We are constantly checking in on each other’s hearts and minds. Everyone needs that person that is watching closely to make sure we are taking good care of ourselves, and I am so thankful that Jan watches out for me.

Therapy and counseling are amazing ways to support your mental health, but for some, it is not an option because it can be extremely expensive. So, to kick off our series for mental health awareness month, here are a few tips that might help.

  1. My first piece of advice is to check with your insurance provider. It may surprise you to learn that your insurance pays for a certain amount of sessions per year. Sometimes covered fully, and sometimes you only need to cover the copay. Many insurance companies are highlighting these services since it is Mental Health Awareness Month
  2. If your child is struggling, look to your school system for support. There are trained counselors and psychologists on staff that have specific training geared toward supporting students and young adults. This might not always be a perfect fit, but it is a good place to start.
  3. If you are nervous about meeting a counselor in person, consider trying virtual therapy. There are many options out there these days. Better Help gets a lot of good reviews and has counselors specific to varying needs.
  4. Make a budget line to cover counseling. Listen, friends, we all love to come home and unwind, and sometimes that can be with a glass of wine, a dinner out, or some retail therapy. If you find yourself in a dark place, consider pausing those vices and using that money to fund some counseling.
  5. Lastly, an unconventional way to get some counseling is to sign up to see a graduate student who is studying counseling. These students are working towards an advanced degree and will often need to see patients. During this time, a professor oversees their work. These services are normally low-cost and in some cases, free.

I once saw a counselor who told me that it’s ok to quit a counselor, but it is not ok to quit counseling. That is one piece of advice that I want to highlight during this Mental Health Awareness Month. Remember that it might take some time to find a good fit, but your mental health is worth it. Above all, if you find yourself in a dark place with no light in sight, contact Lifeline. Here you will find trained counselors who are ready to support you and find help. If you are a member of the transgender community and need immediate support, please reach out to The Trevor Project. At Narwhal Magic Kindness we love to send letters of love and affirmation to our TNBY community, if you or someone in your life could use one please email us at We are here for you. You are loved. You are important.

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