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Mental Health Support Outside of Therapy

To round out our acknowledgment of mental health awareness month, we are going to talk about mental health support outside of therapy.

To me, if you can afford it and have time, therapy is one of the best mental health supports out there. But we do understand that for many, it is just not an option. We have established that good mental health is paramount to healthy living. So, is there mental health support outside of therapy? There is. And today we are going to share our favorite ideas.

Physical Activity. Walking, running, hiking, dancing, gardening, chasing your kids, swimming, lifting weights, walking up and down the stairs, and playing with the dog. It is scientifically proven that physical activity can support mental health. If you can’t move freely, check out these seated exercises.

Self Help Books. Self-help books are an excellent resource for mental health support outside of therapy. There are a plethora of self-help books that span a million different topics. If you are looking for faith-based books, check out Lysa Teurkerst. She has so many great books about topics such as anger,  infidelity, and being left out. Above all, she speaks from experience and gives practical support and advice. Emily Ley is the creator of my FAVORITE planner, but she is also a best-selling author of many books on organizing, simplifying, and truly relishing the simple things in life. In addition, if you are a parent in the LGBTQ+ community, stay tuned. Jan has something special in the works.

Visit a loved one. You get to pick. If your parents are not accepting of your truth, or cause more harm than good, they would not be the best choice here. A friend. A neighbor. A coworker. A sibling. Aunt. Boss. You get the point. In the end, go to someone you love and trust and ask them just to be a supportive listener. Consequently, you might be surprised at how much better you feel after talking.

Medication.  Man, there is some stigma around this one. Maybe even more than therapy. And why? For example, if you had cancer, you would treat it. Moreover, if you have an infection, you’d take medicine. There is no shame in getting that help when you need it. Remember, there is a difference between self-medicating and being medicated under the advice and support of a doctor. Consequently, NEVER take prescribed medication unless prescribed and supervised by a licensed doctor.

Above all, do something. Don’t let yourself get too far down in darkness. We all go through seasons where we need a little support. Let’s be there for each other and offer that mental health support outside of therapy.