Ways to Keep Your Bucket Full This Summer

Summer tends to mark a slower schedule for kids but can be a season of busyness for caregivers who are trying to fill the hours for their kids. Just as it is important to keep them busy, it is also important to keep yourself sane and healthy. So, here are some ways to keep your bucket full this summer.

Ways to Keep Your Bucket Full This Summer

  1. Exercise. I just read a book all about how to redefine the anxiety in your life. One suggested way is to exercise. The author suggests that anxiety tells your brain that action is needed and that sometimes gentle movement can help calm that anxiety down. Worth a try!
  2. Prioritize sleep. Parents of teenagers, I am looking at you. It is so easy to stay up a little later because your kids are staying up a little later. The problem is that they have lessened responsibilities and yours are still the same. Try to keep a healthy sleep routine.
  3. Plan time for yourself. It is no secret that routines change in the summer. Sometimes it can feel like a neverending battle of grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. This holds true for all ages. Make sure to plan time for yourself. Even if it is a quick lunch out. Take a moment to do something you love.
  4. Delegate household work. You might be thinking that your kids are too young, but that is not true. If a kid can make a mess, they can assist with cleaning it up. Get those kids helping!! It teaches a valuable lesson in responsibility and community.
  5. Try to eat healthily. Two out of the four of my family members love ice cream. And the ice cream truck knows it. We may actually be two of his best customers. Eating ice cream every single day is not in your best interest. Trust me. Stick to your nutritious meals and snacks most of the time. You’ll thank me in September.

So, here you have my ways to keep your bucket full this summer. What are some ways you take care of yourself? Share with us in the comments.

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