LGBTQ+ Posts

Happy Pride Month!! In the last few weeks I have had had the amazing opportunity to meet new parents and organizations supporting our gender-diverse children. I have driven around to my local schools and thanked them for the Pride stickers that greet me as I enter the main office area. Being intentional, I have offered Safe Spaces decals so they can display their love and affirmation 365 days of the year.

The Jan Moore team are delighted to shout our love from rooftops to celebrate Pride, and want to make sure you are aware that we encourage, love, and educate people about the LGBTQ+ community all year long! Together with Narwhal Magic Kindness, we work to support the parents, caregivers and those who love our transgender, non-binary and gender diverse kids. Our weekly newsletter aims to provide a reminder that while our path may not be an easy one, it is absolutely the best path forward. When our children, grandchildren and students tell us who they are, we believe them. Unconditional love is a choice, one that we choose to lean into.

Whether you are new to our family or have been around for a while we thought it would be great to have a round-up of LGBTQ+ posts in one place.

LGBTQ+ Posts

We hope that there is something in these LGBTQ+ posts that will inspire, encourage, or support you and your loved ones. Happy Pride Month!

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