Budget Hacks for Road Trips

Today we are going to talk about budget hacks for road trips. Here are some of our favorites.

Budget Hacks for Road Trips

  1. Pack snacks. Gas station snacks can be upwards of triple the cost.
  2. Drink water. Not only will this help your waistline, but it will also likely help you from stopping to use the bathroom multiple times.
  3. Service your vehicle. This will help to prevent any mid-trip breakdowns.
  4. Determine a budget ahead of time. This will help you from mindless spending.
  5. Use cash. It is way easier to keep track of your spending.
  6. Download the Gasbuddy app to find the cheapest places to fuel up.
  7. Beat the car boredom by planning fun car games to include karaoke, I Spy, or the license plate game.
  8. Drive the speed limit. This will save gas AND a possible ticket.
  9. Determine how many meals you will eat on the road and pack food for at least one of them.
  10. Plan your rest stops(aside from emergencies) so they include space for kids to stretch and for parents to rest.
  11. Use a refillable water bottle and fill it for free at stops.
  12. Choose hotels with free breakfast. Grab a few items like granola bars and fruit that can be eaten as a snack later.
  13. Use discount sites like Priceline
  14. Look at AAA. It may be worth the cost of the membership to get the discounts.
  15. Look for alternative lodgings such as Airbnbs or VRBO.

There you have my budgeting hacks for summer road trips. With Covid more under control, it seems like people are eager to hit the open road. Be careful and see ya out there!

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