Five Ways to Combat Burnout

I am burned out. Crispy. Weary. On the struggle bus. How about you? I sat down with Cadi Jean and talked about ways to recognize burnout. Hopefully, you have taken some time to tune into your body and are making changes to move toward wellness. Today I am sharing her suggestions to help you on that journey. Here are five ways to combat burnout.

Five Ways to Combat Burnout

  1. Rest. Not active rest that might look like scrolling on your phone, talking to a friend, or watching TV. Rest that looks like sitting on your porch, closing your eyes and breathing, or laying on your couch with your eyes closed.
  2. Change your diet. Your health is the #1 thing you should try to support during busy seasons. Aim to eat the rainbow through fruits and vegetables. Minimize caffeine and stay hydrated.
  3. Read a self-help book. Recently I read a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear. It has been a really powerful read that is impacting every area of my life.
  4. Call a friend. Maybe a close friend, or perhaps a friend that you have been distant from. We all need community in our lives.
  5. Take time off if you can. I know we are not all lucky enough for paid time off, but if possible, try to carve out a day or two. Sometimes a break from work is just what the doctor ordered.

Introducing Zoe

Taking her advice to heart,  I have started using an app called Zoe. Have you heard of it? I am not a big diet fan, who is? I have been so impressed by this process and have seen a huge difference in my energy level since starting the program. The program does not just tell you to cut calories or eat certain foods. It actually assesses three aspects of your metabolism: blood sugar, blood fat, and gut microbes.

The process is fascinating. When you begin you wear a glucose monitor and can see how certain foods impact your blood sugar in real-time.  Zoe walks you through short educational snippets and asks you questions in an effort to garner reflection. You send in stool and blood samples and they provide reports- mine were no bueno. But knowledge is power, right? So I am working a little bit every day to change my habits and am coming to understand that some of the foods I thought were “healthy” are not, in fact, healthy for me. If you are interested in $35 off your journey to health use this link.

These are only five ways to combat burnout. The key is to commit to at least one.  What are some things that you have tried to combat burnout? Share with us in the comments.

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