World Justice Day Ideas and Opportunities

Today we are going to talk about a few World Justice Day ideas and opportunities for service. World Social Justice Day is on February 20, 2023. As proclaimed by the United Nations, this year’s theme is “Overcoming Barriers and Unleashing Opportunities for Social Justice.” So many opportunities exist, great and small, to make a small impact in pushing the needle forward for social justice. Here are a few World Justice Day ideas and opportunities.

World Justice Day Ideas and Opportunities

  • Make your voice heard without spending time researching and searching for proposed legislation. A great way to track issues is through Issue Voter. The program allows you to track bills that are of interest to you and then allows you to engage with your local representatives.
  • Listen to a podcast. I was blown away when I recently listened to White Lies by National Public Radio. This is the perfect podcast as it speaks to Bloody Sunday in Salma, Arkansas. On March 7, 1965, peaceful protesters were met brutally when marching for civil rights. This story is not to be missed.
  • The Trevor Project has an excellent resource called the Guide to Being an Ally to Transgender and Non-Binary Youth. Consider reviewing and sharing this simple, straightforward guide as you feel comfortable.
  • The Anti-Defamation League has a list of ideas for Thinking of Social Justice Through Crafts and Conversation. These are great ideas for engaging your children or classroom.

This week, I traveled to my state’s capital and showed support for legislation that is being considered to protect transgender health. Showing up is hard when working full-time and carting kids to activities. I had the time and am glad I went. Sometimes being the parent of a transgender kiddo feels isolating. I always feel a sense of joy when I attend a Pride event or get together with fellow parents, which has not happened recently. Traveling to the rally gave me that sense of peace and the feeling that we are progressing.

No matter what you choose, make World Social Justice Day count this year. Make your voice heard, even if only within your four walls. Together we are stronger.

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