Tips for Visiting Acadia National Park

Two summers ago my family took the trip of a lifetime and we never left the United States. Nestled on the coast of Maine you will find one of our country’s most celebrated national parks-Acadia National Park. After a year of planning and a ten-day trip. Here are my tips for visiting Acadia National Park.

Tips for Visiting Acadia National Park

  1. Research, research, research. There are so many things to do in just the park, but you will also want to carve out time to spend in Bar Harbor. So, talk with your travel group and decide what is most important.
  2. Plan for the weather. Being from Maryland, I am used to sweltering and humid summers. To that end, Acadia is very different. There were many days that we needed a jacket and long plans. On other days we wore shorts and sandals. Be sure to pack on the heavy side for this adventure.
  3. Think about transportation in the park. There are many very popular hikes and very minimal parking. The main ranger station has a huge parking lot and shuttles that run throughout the park. This was a lifesaver for us and we utilized this free amenity each day.
  4. Talk to a park ranger about the hikes. There is a hike for every skill level. Just know that there are some that are for VERY experienced hikers—Read-dangerous for small children. There is a great resource right in the park. A park ranger will talk with you about your goals and then draw on your map to show you where to hike.
  5. Plan ahead for your visit to the famous Cadillac Mountain. You must purchase a parking pass for this visit. Hiking is also an option, but as you will learn in your research, it is a grueling and long hike that takes several hours. The good news is that there is a little store and bathrooms at the summit.

So these are my tips for visiting Acadia National Park. Do you have any tips to add? Please share with us in the comments.

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