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May 2022 Be a Blessing

Creative, cathartic, candid, caffeinated, consistent, and courageous. In short, these are some of the ways I define my life in 2021. Above all, it was the year I began writing professionally. Specifically, 74 blog posts, one children’s book, and the adult companion book is in process. It has been a wild ride. 2022 promises to be intense, intentional, illuminating, imaginative, and impassioned. Walking into the positivity of 2022, I have a few resolutions. May 2022 be a blessing. Go there with me…

  • I saw this great sticker in Harper Rose Studio in Leadville, Colorado….Being > Having. For 2022 I hope I am able to think of this each time I reach for a new purchase. For instance, if I do make that purchase may it be upcycled, recycled or needed.
  • Speaking of recycling, I will work hard to reduce plastic waste by bringing my bags to the grocery store and eliminating plastic grocery bags from my life. I have also made the move towards recyclables in my practice in the form of pens, paper and my new favorite toilet paper, Who Gives A Crap? 
  • Above all, I look forward to being present in my own life. A wise woman told me, “you are brave to walk through your life awake and feeling it. And you do that Jan. Every day.” Being present is a choice. Unconditional love is a choice. Above all, it is my intention to continue to show up and be brave for myself, my family and all I come in contact with.
  • Having attended an incredible retreat at the Darmakaya Center For Wellbeing in December, I am poised to discuss Peace, Justice and Planetary Care on my blog. Our retreat leader, Dr. Leonisa Ardizzone from Vassar University, helped us think about how to effect change by bringing people back to the middle ground. Community is everything and I am ready to feel like mine is not polarized, combative, harmful and violent. I commit to work towards peace, love and kindness.
  • I ran across Melissa Urban’s (@melissau) Instagram reel on boundaries published on December 30th. It is everything. I have taken a hiatus from Facebook in the interest of my mental health. 2021 was a hard year for boundaries in our home. Subsequently, we had to draw some really hard lines for the protection of our family. While we are incredibly sad to lose relationships, we understand it is vital for the mental health and wellbeing of our children. Like Melissa says, “No one is entitled to your energy. No one!…My energy is my responsibility and I will set any and all boundaries to protect it.” She is right. In 2022, I will continue to be mindful of setting boundaries in my life. In so doing I will acknowledge the role social media has taken in the place of locally vetted news and information. I will step back and understand my role. I will no longer complaisantly watching and participate in the polarization of politics, the “me” superseding the “we” and a lives lived without purpose or connection. The time for change is now.

In short, I call on each of you to reflect on how you will walk forward with positivity and intention. Our community is incredible and we owe it to ourselves and our children to walk in the light of connection and kindness. May your 2022 be a blessing.