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Conversations With Cadi

It is always a pleasure to share these pages with like-minded people. My dear friend, Cadi Jean, is a respected friend, educator, freelance writer, mother, and decorator. When she approached me about becoming a contributing author, I jumped at the opportunity. Welcome to our new series, Conversations with Cadi.

Cadi’s approach: “as I read Jan’s intentions for 2022, the major theme that comes across is minimizing. I can tackle the lesser concerns such as simplifying your budget, creating routines, and minimalist decor. You continue to address the hard stuff.”

I’m not saying we are going to Maria Kondo you to death (though I do love her ideas). My hope is that we learn about living life intentionally. And that we do so within our means and with self-love and beauty.

One of the things I appreciate most about Cadi is the depth of her thoughtfulness and compassion for others. Whether it’s organizing a Go Fund Me for the local Target greeter or making a meal for a sick friend, she does it with selfless intention.

When you enter her living space the beauty within is apparent in her surroundings. Whether it is from a small business or hunting for the latest Home Edit collection at Walmart, she has an eye for organization and budgeting. I look forward to following her incredible style and benefiting from her minimalistic design esthetic.

I will continue my weekly posts tackling life’s biggest concerns such as marginalized communities, affirming care, authentic friendship. Cadi will focus on tackling the place where we can find ideas about simplifying your budget, creating routines, minimalism. It is our desire that you come to this blog for inspiration. To love better. And to live your life with intention and courage.

It is with great joy that I introduce Conversations with Cadi and welcome her to our blogging family where All Are Welcome.