Learning Differences

Dear Jan

Hi friends! Today I am going to introduce a new feature on the blog called “Dear Jan.” This blog was born out of the need

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Dyslexia and Memory Recall

It is a common misconception that Dyslexia can be defined by flipping letters like a mirror. In fact, Dyslexia is a complex rewiring of neural pathways that create brilliant, out of the box thinkers. It can also create anxiety in these highly intelligent people.

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Teachable Moments

I realize just how clueless I was about parenting when I was a young mother. What seems obvious and easy was nothing close to either.

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An Essay

An essay. A seemingly harmless essay changed the course of my baby’s entire day. I brush the soft wisps of her long hair away from

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I am a Caucasian daughter of a catholic mother and episcopal father. My parents worked hard to build a good life. Warmth, safety, security. These were

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